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We hired Dave Grant to help us achieve tax efficiency, reduce our risk in the market, preserve capital, and restructure our portfolio for retirement. This required expertise that exceeded our ability. Dave is a fee-based CFP who has accomplished all that for us plus given us a great plan for the future. Most importantly he has given us peace of mind regarding our finances. Dave is an intelligent, caring and trustworthy Financial Planner/Math Geek. He responds quickly, is always transparent, and does not push product on us (for commission). We tried two other financial planners but none have the caliber of Dave Grant. We highly recommend him and Retirement Matters.

- CARA KRETZ, Client

After years of going it alone and then finally deciding I could use objective, professional advice as I neared retirement, I started looking at independent financial planners - someone who did not stand to gain from my savings.  I tried a referral from a trusted friend.  That was a disaster.  Finally I did my own homework, narrowed it down and interviewed several before making my decision.  I couldn't be happier with Dave's services.  He is super smart, object, professional, non-judgmental, and keeps his promises.  Most importantly, I'm comfortable and confident in my retirement plans.  Dave keeps me on track and is always available when I have questions.  I couldn't be happier and highly recommend him!


My wife wanted a professional financial evaluation and retirement analysis. After doing extensive research, interviewing several financial professionals, and evaluating proposals, she concluded that Dave Grant and Retirement Matters would be the best fit for our unique combination of professions.

Dave conducted a review of our finances and projected several different retirement scenarios. At every stage of the process, he was thoughtful,  comprehensive, and thorough. His recommendations were sound. One example, his advice for me to switch 403(b) providers alone was worth the fee by avoiding the high prices the other provider was charging me. I can't recommend Retirement Matters more highly.