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 Retirement planning, specializing in residents of Illinois and Arizona

Your Financial Plan Made Easy



Read about the company, the services offered and the way we can help.



On a brief call, you can determine if we are the best advisor to work with you. If we are, together we’ll decide on the most appropriate service.



After an in-person meeting and an agreement to work together, we’ll work with you to design a financial plan that gets you to your ideal life.


Our ideal clients are retirees (or those retiring within 12 months) who require help designing a plan to turn their retirement assets into income and understand all the retirement issues they may face.

Retirement Matters best serves clients who want to devote time to understanding how best to thrive in retirement, both emotionally and financially. This is typically an individual 12 months or less away from retirement or already retired, have a household income of over $200,000, and, if working, be consistently saving to increase their net worth. 

Typical retiree clients have over $1,000,000 in investable assets that is managed by Retirement Matters. A typical client will be excited about planning their next steps, looking forward to receiving financial guidance and implementing suggestions, and have saved diligently throughout their career. 

We might be a good fit to work together if:

  • You understand that you need assistance managing your finances and need the guidance of a professional.
  • You want to transfer the burden of managing your finances to someone else so you can enjoy more time pursuing the things you enjoy.
  • You are prepared to devote the time needed to having an impactful conversation about your financial life

Our typical client is over the age of 55.

Dave Grant CFP Financial Planner in Barrington Illinois

When you meet with an advisor, how do you envision the process? What if it was like this: The focus isn’t on the numbers, but on you. It takes place in a comfortable setting where you can tell your story and explore what you’d like the future to look like. You’ll be able to plan your next steps. With some guided questions, you’ll start to understand how your money will support your long-term future. There’s no judgment for past – or even future - mistakes. Through our conversations, you’ll get to decide if this is the start of a relationship with your trusted advisor. That’s what it’s like at Retirement Matters.

I’m a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) professional and have been providing fee-only, fiduciary financial advice to clients since 2007. I have taken advanced classes in retirement income planning to better serve retiring and retired clients. My initial focus with clients is to help them understand what they want to achieve in life, what goals to set, and how important those goals are in comparison to each other. This has proven particularly helpful with our single, female clients but is vital for everyone in the planning process. It’s then my job to bring the best investing and retirement income strategies to aid in building your ideal life and having a customized, financial plan at your fingertips.

I partner with seasoned professionals in estate planning, Social Security, Medicare, insurances and income taxes, so all areas of your financial life are optimized. If I don’t know the answer to your situation, I have knowledgeable people I can turn to. Throughout the year, I’m in frequent contact with clients to ensure their plan stays on track and provide educational content each month.

All of this is offered in a fee-only, fiduciary capacity. A fiduciary upholds a strict standard to act in your best interests, every time. You get to choose how to engage: you can pay for a one-time, comprehensive review of your situation or on a longer time horizon where we work closely together throughout the year. My client roster will always be limited, so current clients get the best service they can imagine.

I live in Cary, work in Barrington, am married to a middle school Math teacher (Highland Middle School, Libertyville) and am a father to two boys. I'm a proud member of the Board of Directors for YMCA Camp Duncan in Fox Lake, IL and have loved serving as a mentor through Kids Hope USA.


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Retirement Matters Service Matrix                    

Are you looking for a review, or want to find out where the holes are in your situation? A one-time, comprehensive financial plan might be what you’re looking for.

During your one-time financial plan, we’ll have in-depth discussions on pertinent financial topics. We'll cover everyday spending, debt management, income taxes, education planning, retirement planning, investment management, estate planning, legacy building, and charitable giving.

After taking a holistic look at your finances, we’ll work together to construct a personalized, comprehensive financial plan. At the end of our process together, you’ll receive fully customized advice and easy-to-understand reports covering all recommendations. You’ll then be empowered to complete all these recommendations yourself without ongoing support from Dave.


At Retirement Matters, we’re completely transparent about our costs. A one-time financial plan costs $4,000, with a review in the future costing $2,500. Our meetings can be conducted via phone, video, or in-person at our office.

This service is not for current retirees. This service is only available for those still working, and want to seriously plan for their retirement.


Retirement Matters offers full wealth management services to clients who have assets managed by us. Many of the clients utilizing this service are retirees, but it is not limited to this group. This service includes financial planning, investment management, income tax review and preparation by a CPA, and access to a financial planner and accountant. All clients in this premium service offering have managed assets of $1,000,000 and above.


We’ll develop, implement, and monitor a comprehensive financial plan – along with managing your investments. We’ll put together a plan that takes into account your spending, debt management, income taxes, education planning, retirement planning, investment management, estate planning, legacy building, and charitable giving.


Our tax-sensitive, mutual fund and ETF investment approach ensures a diversified portfolio that moves you toward saving success. We will also work to rebalance your portfolio quarterly so that it’s always in line with your risk tolerance and long-term investment goals. We only offer ongoing investment management to new Wealth Management clients.


Our comprehensive planning package offers you access to both Dave Grant, CFP® (your financial planner) and one of our partner CPAs year-round. While Dave helps to guide your investment strategy to ensure it is tax-efficient, your CPA will help you prepare and file your federal and state taxes each year, and ensure your financial plan and investments are “tax-appropriate”.


This service has a limited client roster – ensuring our Wealth Management clients receive a premium service. We pride ourselves in providing premium services, so in addition to this exclusive service offered to a limited pool of clients – we also offer an online, private portal. This portal helps to link your bank and investment accounts, helping you view your assets in real-time, all in one place. It also acts as a personal vault for all file transfer and storage between you and your advisory team.


This package includes multiple services and is covered by one fee. The financial planning, investment management and income tax review/prep fees are paid through your accounts (restrictions apply) to provide a streamlined experience for you. This fee is deducted from your account – no check writing required. The minimum annual fee is $10,000.

This service is only available to clients where we manage all investable assets (retirement and taxable accounts).



Retiring as an Illinois teacher has many components. Do you have them all covered?

  • If you still have some years left, are you saving for retirement in the best way?
  • If you’re married, have you coordinated retirement strategies and timing with your spouse?
  • Have you researched and decided on your AAI pension refund selection?
  • But most importantly: what does retirement look like for you, and does it have a deliberate design?

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As an Abbvie employee, have you maximized your benefits to secure your best future?

  • Understand the AbbVie 401(k), Deferred Income and Pension plans and how to maximize your savings and investment options.
  • Have you selected the best group insurance options for you and your family?
  • How to use the various AbbVie stock plans to grow your wealth and retire on your timeline.

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If you’re nearing retirement, you might want to read our (almost) complete guide:

  • Learn how your psychology affects the retirement transition and how best to prepare.
  • How should you design your portfolio for retirement?
  • When to take Social Security and avoiding being left without health insurance through simple Medicare mistakes.
  • Understanding if you need Long Term Care insurance and how not to run out of money in retirement.

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If you have a pension and are planning to retire soon, here’s some things to know:

  • How pension elections fit into an overall financial plan.
  • What happens to your pension if your company goes bankrupt?
  • What is “pension maximization” and how can you take advantage of it.
  • How to modify your investment portfolio if you have a pension that will meet most of your retirement income needs.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

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We hired Dave Grant to help us achieve tax efficiency, reduce our risk in the market, preserve capital, and restructure our portfolio for retirement. This required expertise that exceeded our ability. Dave is a fee-based CFP who has accomplished all that for us plus given us a great plan for the future. Most importantly he has given us peace of mind regarding our finances. Dave is an intelligent, caring and trustworthy Financial Planner/Math Geek. He responds quickly, is always transparent, and does not push product on us (for commission). We tried two other financial planners but none have the caliber of Dave Grant. We highly recommend him and Retirement Matters.

- CARA KRETZ, Client

After years of going it alone and then finally deciding I could use objective, professional advice as I neared retirement, I started looking at independent financial planners - someone who did not stand to gain from my savings.  I tried a referral from a trusted friend.  That was a disaster.  Finally I did my own homework, narrowed it down and interviewed several before making my decision.  I couldn't be happier with Dave's services.  He is super smart, object, professional, non-judgmental, and keeps his promises.  Most importantly, I'm comfortable and confident in my retirement plans.  Dave keeps me on track and is always available when I have questions.  I couldn't be happier and highly recommend him!


My wife wanted a professional financial evaluation and retirement analysis. After doing extensive research, interviewing several financial professionals, and evaluating proposals, she concluded that Dave Grant and Retirement Matters would be the best fit for our unique combination of professions.

Dave conducted a review of our finances and projected several different retirement scenarios. At every stage of the process, he was thoughtful,  comprehensive, and thorough. His recommendations were sound. One example, his advice for me to switch 403(b) providers alone was worth the fee by avoiding the high prices the other provider was charging me. I can't recommend Retirement Matters more highly.





Dave Grant CFP Financial Planner Barrington Illinois

Dave Grant, CFP®


Phone:  847-558-6991

Email:  dave@retirementmatters.co

Illinois Office:  777 N. Lake Zurich Rd, Suite 125D, Barrington IL 60010

Mesa Office: 2929 N. Power Rd, #101, Mesa, AZ 85215