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You And I Will Work Together To Ensure You Are Living Your Best Life, Financially And Otherwise



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My Partner Has More Money Than Me. What Do We Do?

In financial planning, we often talk about how everyone has a unique money situation. This remains true for the two individuals that make up a couple, or who are in a long-term relationship together. Just because you share a life with one another doesn’t necessarily mean your financial life is the same – and this can cause some tricky dynamics in your relationship.

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How Do We Manage Debt In Our Financial Plan?

Like most people, you probably have mixed feelings about the debt load you carry. That’s because, while no debt is truly “good” there are some forms of debt that can help to improve your financial standing. Alternatively, many people hurt themselves financially by taking on “bad” debt – which is labelled as such as it doesn’t improve your situation by taking it on, or the terms of the debt were not ideal.

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What To Do When Long-Term Medical Emergencies Strike

When a chronic, debilitating illness strikes, no time should be wasted before putting together a financial and estate plan tailored to your new circumstances. The more your financial and legal advisors know about your condition, they can work with you to develop plans tailored to your circumstances.