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Estate Planning for Executives

As an executive, you may be feeling the pressure when it comes to putting together an estate plan. Although this financial “to do” is on everyone’s checklist, you’re in a unique situation because of the unique way many executives are compensated. Your wealth may be tied up in equity – whether that means a stock option compensation plan, RSUs, RSAs, etc. This form of wealth can be tricky to transfer to your beneficiaries when you die without being forced to pay 40%+ in taxes to the IRS.

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What Does Being a “Fee Only” Advisor Mean?

Most of the articles you read about finding a financial planner today discuss whether or not the advisors you’re interviewing are “fee only.” These articles typically come to the same conclusion – the advisors you’re interviewing should be fee-only. As a fee only advisor myself, I couldn’t agree more with this.

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Why Wells Fargo Needs to be Sent to the Slaughter

Earlier this year, the Federal Reserve cited Wells Fargo’s “pervasive and persistent misconduct” as reasoning for doling out one of their harshest punishments ever – that Wells Fargo was no longer allowed to expand their business until they took actionable steps to right the many wrongs they’ve done in the past several years. Let’s go over a few reasons that Wells Fargo has endangered their account holders, and what you need to watch for if you’ve chosen to work with them in any capacity in the past.

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Am I Using the Right Target Date Fund?

Target date funds are a go-to retirement investment for many 401(k) plans when an employee doesn’t elect where they’d like their funds to be allocated. Some individual investors looking for an easy way to invest according to their retirement timeline use target date funds, as well. Most people want to simplify their retirement savings as much as possible. The more you can automate your investments to align with your desired retirement date and risk tolerance, the better. Although a target date fund may look like the perfect solution to this dilemma on the surface, it’s important to do a little bit of digging before you commit.

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Financial Planning for Executives: Are You Financially Ready to Become a Partner in the Business?

Making partner. It’s the dream for many executives. When you first were hired, you looked at the owners of the company and dreamed about sitting where they sit, and now your company has offered to bring you into the fold as an owner of the company. A wide range of emotions can be experienced during this period. You’re probably excited about the opportunity, possibly worried about the colossal shift in responsibility, and, of course, concerned about the financial ins and outs of the whole situation.

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Financial Planning for Executives: Advanced Income Tax Strategies for Highly Compensated Workers

As an executive, a key element to your financial planning is income tax planning. The end goal is for you to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible, which can be challenging when you fall into a tax bracket that reflects your high compensation. Many of the tax strategies that are commonly found online work well for people with moderately high incomes, but you may find that it’s time to amp up your game.

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My Partner Has More Money Than Me. What Do We Do?

In financial planning, we often talk about how everyone has a unique money situation. This remains true for the two individuals that make up a couple, or who are in a long-term relationship together. Just because you share a life with one another doesn’t necessarily mean your financial life is the same – and this can cause some tricky dynamics in your relationship.