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You And I Will Work Together To Ensure You Are Living Your Best Life, Financially And Otherwise



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How to Design Your Encore Career

If you’re like millions of other Americans in the twilight of their careers, you may be thinking about switching up your career and current job. While the desire for a paycheck is a key driver for some, it is the pursuit of a purpose and a passion that drives most people into an “encore career.”

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The Essentials from an Estate Planning attorney

As a financial planner, I give specific advice on people's personal finances, including estate planning. But as I'm not an attorney I can't go too deep without getting out of my depth - that's why I surround myself with attorneys who can speak freely about these matters. The following is a guest post from Michael Brennan, an attorney based in Grayslake, IL.

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Questions to Ask Your Advisor Throughout Your Retirement Transition

The importance of having a well-conceived, comprehensive retirement plan cannot be overstated. Without one, you leave too much to chance at a critical time in your life. Even with one, the changing dynamics of your personal circumstances and the world around you require constant adjustments in your plan. Your responsibility is to ask the right questions to make sure all of your concerns are addressed before during and after the transition into retirement.